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A friend and brother lost his mom Monday

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 A brother of mine I rode with the summer lost his mom Monday. As her primary care giver for a long time, it hit him pretty hard. The funeral will be this Sunday. Its a hard row to hoe.. Thanks in advance for the prayers.

Prayers out for you brother, and the family..
Gary M 

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My thoughts and prayers go out to your brother during this difficult time.

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Thank Wheels..

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Prayers to you, your brother and your familys



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Prayers out to everyone. Webby

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my thoughts and prayers go out to you all at this sad and hard time. May you find the strength to endure.

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Thoughts and prayers headed your way and to the family

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Thoughts and prayers are going out to him! I wish him strength in his difficult times.

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All the good thoughts and prayers are appreciated. She was laid to rest yesterday. Gary is grateful for the support. Talked to him today and he is good. Dealing with the normal family stuff but holding up well. Nothing some good wind time won't help. Thanks CF folks.

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wind therapy is the best therapy!



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