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The Brotherhood of the Road

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I love motorcycles, and I love riding. Like many of you, what first drew me to bikes was not just the experience of riding, but the feeling that I'd become part of a special community - a brotherhood, really. Nothing calms me more than a long ride down the interstate, waving to the members of my beloved clan...
...Except when I pass Harley guys. I hate Harley guys. Hate, hate, hate. When they pass me on the highway, you know what I do? I don't wave. With their little tassel handlebars and the studded luggage and the half helmets - God, they drive me crazy.

You know who else I hate? BMW guys. Oh, do I hate those guys. I don't wave at them either. They think they're so great, sitting all upright, with their 180 degree German engines. God, I hate them.
They're almost as bad as those old bastards on their touring motorcycles. You know what I call those bikes? "Two wheeled couches!" Get it? Because they're so big. They drive around like they have got all day. Appreciate the scenery somewhere else, Grandpa.
Oh, and Ducati guys - I don't wave at them either. Why don't they spend a little more money on their bikes? "You can have it in any color as long as it is red." Aren't you cool! Like they even know what a Desmo-whatever engine is, anyway. Try finding the battery, you Italian-wannabe racers! I never, ever wave at those guys.
Suzuki guys aren't much better, which is why I never wave at them, either. God forbid they should ever wear any safety gear. They make me so mad. Sometimes they'll speed by and look over at me and you know what I do? I don't wave. I just keep going.
Please, don't get me started on Kawasaki guys. Ninjas? What are you, twelve years old? I never wave at Kawasaki guys.

I ride a Honda. I'll wave at Honda guys, but, even then, I'll never wave at a guy in full leathers. Never, never, never. Yeah, like you're going to get your knee down on the New York Thruway. Nice crotch, by the way. Guys in full leathers will never get a wave from me, and, by the way, neither will the guys in two piece leathers. And I'll tell you who else I'm not waving at - those guys with the helmets with loud paint jobs. Four pounds of paint on a two pound helmet - like I'm going to wave back at that! I'll also never wave at someone with a mirrored visor. Or helmet stickers. Or racing gloves. Or hiking boots.

To me, motorcycling is like a family, a close knit brotherhood of people who ride Hondas, wear jeans and a leather jacket (not Vanson) with regular gloves and a solid color helmet with a clear visor, no stickers, no racing gloves and regular boots (not Timberlands). And isn't that what really makes so special?


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I love it...Your Brotherhood of ONE!



 Lucky - CycleFish Leader


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That dude has gotta be the loneliest most self centered s.o.b.around,don't matter what u ride or wear,we are all puttin up with the same shi.t on the road

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Maybe GutterRat didn't notice this was in the Humor section



   Don't Matter What You Ride, As Long As You Ride!
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what if it's a "woman" on a Suzuki??? *evil grin*




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Hey PapaDoc, 
                                   tell us how you really feel about those silly wanna be bikers

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No matter what you ride, it's the riding that counts. If you can't see the humor in what was written then you need to slowdown and relax.

Adventure Girl - I didn't think about a "woman" on a Suzuki, but I suppose if she was as pretty as you I would have to at least give her a nod. *sly grin*.

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yeah you right, I clicked in on your topic from the "What's New" Page and started reading your topic and thinking what kind of freak is this guy. I say you really got me. Then I read GOFUR response and then I realized that I was in the humor Forum as well. So, that's why I said tell us how you really feel about bikers....Thanks for the Chuckle

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I would wave to you AdventureGirl.

Plus I would wave to anyone wearing real cowboy boots or with steer horns mounted to their handle bars.

And oh yeah, anyone with a Texas flag.

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Honda wasn't even around when real motorcycles were first built but everyone is entitled to there own belief in the land of the suppose to be free .

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Never saw this before, that there is funny stuff PapaDoc. I know you exaggerate but the bit of truth is what really makes it funny. So many people say I ride for the freedom, but I won't acknowledge you unless you are exactly like me.

And by the way, a real motorcycle is any with two wheels!!!!


AZ Biker
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Enjoy the freedom, spread peace and smell the flowers and the horse manure. We are Brothers and Sisters of the Road. Ride every chance you get man. How can you not enjoy passing a cute girl on a bike, whether or not it's Harley. My preference is the loud beefy ride of the Road King. It's not the same for everybody. But for everyone who wants the freedom, get whatever bike makes you the most happy. Ride on Brothers and Sisters of the Highway.

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Satire at its best. A HD rider who Hates HD riders and everyone else who rides a motorcycle. That was tooo funny.

Thanks for the laugh Doc.


Army Airborne

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I'm wit chu, man.  'Cause real bikers only ride Casals.

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hello ,Today is coming!! Have any plans ? I notice that you are single .If you are looking for riding buddies or a romantic  is worthy a try . Its a fabulous dating paradise for biker singles in the state . Maybe you have joined it ,good luck ,and hope we will get a chance to hit the pavement!

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LOL at bikerdating4 ... now THAT'S who I hate hate hate!! :)

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