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Palmdale (Hell North of LA)
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Riding is My Life
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Travel Anywhere For A Rally
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06 HD Deuce
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Owner of a lingerie store
playing pool, making people smile
classic rock
I believe in the "Biker Lifestyle" and all that it entails. I am married to a very understanding man and he makes me very happy in everyway. I am the mother of 2 teenage boys so that qualifies me at least to the name given to me "biker milf" lol.

I own an on line Lingerie, Leather, Vinyl Clothing, Exotic Shoes & Adult Pleasure store at

As you can see by my pix. I am very open minded about most things in life. I am a Bisexual, Exhibitionist.

I don't think of myself as a Barbie or my Husband as a Ken. We are not the "King of the Hill" couple either. I do like to think of myself as more of the mom from the "Family Guy." Oh an my husband isn't like that dad. Mentally maybe lol, but physically not !

I use to have an adult web site so my adult pix and movies are all over the net. But please don't think that I am not approachable. Those pix are all smoke & mirrors.

I enjoy riding and going to bike events. I do my best to bring back the "Old School" biker lifestyle. I truly believe that bikes and sex go hand in hand. (For more about me check out my post pad).

My husband rides everyday and we host a FREE biker web site for Adult Minded Riders (people who are not offended by nudity or adult language).

It is modeled after a famous biker magazine. It isn't like "Biker Nation" (which is a very cool site). It just has information on rides and cool bike stuff. I don't look at it as competing so I will post the address unless the host objects to it. In that case I will remove it.

Oh and for the record as for my type of riding that is listed.. I am Fender Candy.. Lucky you need to add that one or let us put in our own kind of riding.

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