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When riding with a group communications between riders can be difficult. The following is a list of hand signals for communicating between motorcyclists. Use them as you see fit. Note that they all require that you take a hand of foot off of the controls and this may not always be a good idea, so only do so when it is safe. All hand signals use the left hand.  Remeber that not all motorcycle riders know all of these motorcycle hand signals, so many may not heed the warning or information you are attempting to pass along.  If you are riding with a group of motorcyclists it is a good idea to go through these hand signals so everyone in your riding group gets the message.


Right Turn - Left arm out and turned up 90° at elbow

Left Turn - Left arm straight out to left

Stop - Left arm straight at a 45° angle with palm of hand facing backwards


Slow Down - Waving arm in quick downward motion, with palm down and parallel to ground - Often used to warn riders in the opposite direction to slow down

Speed Up - Waving arm in quick upward motion, with palm up and parallel to ground

Hazard in Road (left side) - Point toward the ground with left hand

Harzard in Road (right side) - Point toward ground with right foot

Pedestrians on Road - With arm curved point over your head toward the right side of road

Police Ahead or Nearby - Tap top of helmet

Need Gas - Point toward gas tank

Need Restroom Break - Point toward hip or groin

Need Food Break - Pat stomach

Pull Over Now - Point at other rider and then point to the side of the road

Your Turn Signal is On - Arm out, open and close hand in a "flashing" motion

Single File - Arm and index finger extended straight up

Double File - Arm with index and pinky finger extended straight up

Go Past Me - Arm out, forward waving

Come Along Side Me - Arm back, pointing rear - sweep arm forward till pointing to your left then point down

Stay Behind Me - Arm out, palm back

Your Too Close - Arm out, fingers down, palm back with a fore and aft motion

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