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I can't believe it's already May!!! We have been so busy both here at work on CycleFish and trying to get out and ride as much as possible (which explains why the newsletters are getting later and later each month). But busy is least for us. Last month was another record month here on CycleFish with over 300,000 visitors to the site, and this month is already shaping up to blow that away!!! We also had just under 1,000 people sign up last month, so don't forget to say hi to our new members when you're on the site.
We did find time to make it out to the Laughlin River Run... at least for the first two days of it. Now I'll be honest and let you know that I am really not a big fan of the Laughlin River Run. Over the past 6 years or so it has become so over commercialized and policed, that it is really nothing more than a biker shopping mall. However we did have a great ride out with our friends Shadow & Diane (SearchAngel191), and Paula. And for the first time I can remember we made it across the desert without seeing 110° weather! While there we did run into quite a few CycleFish members and even a few business members sitting in the hot sun selling their wares. Andrea - from Wrapter - and her hubby brought their dual-sports and got some fun desert riding in across the river in Bullhead City!
The next few events for Laura and I will be... San Diego School Girl Run, Redwood Run, and then Too Broke for Sturgis (which we are). Hopefully we will see some of you there!
Congratulations to Our May Bike of the Month Winners
May Stock Bike of the Month: SSWC's 2001 Indian Chief
2001 Indian Chief
May Custom Bike of the Month: ORANGECRATE1's 2009 Custom H-D Ultra
2009 Custom H-D Ultra
May Vintage Bike of the Month: Lukegar8's 1957 Pan/Shovel
1957 Pan/Shovel
What's New on CycleFish
User Garage / Service Tracker
Well not actually new, we have made a lot of changes and improvements to the Service Tracker feature. The Garage not only allows you to share information about your bike(s) , it also includes Service Tracker - a convenient way to keep track of all your service and maintenance on your bike. To learn more about this see the Garage/Service Tracker Video. To start using your Garage - log in to CycleFish, go to My Apps and click on Garage.
New Contest - Motorcycle Photo of the Month
We decided to change things up a bit, so this month instead of the usual Bike of the Month Contest we will be doing a Motorcycle Photo of the Month Contest. This contest will be for Creative, Scenic and/or Unique Photographs that include a motorcycle (doesn't have to be yours), but we do ask for only photos that you have taken. To enter or to see other users entries visit the Motorcycle Photo of the Month forum.
New CycleFish Business Sponsors
With our commitment to the best quality products we just introduced the first weather proof boot straps ever made.
The second generation boot straps are made with nylon clips with sure-lock technology and durable rubber straps to keep your pants in place like no other product before it. Because of the materials that we are using they perform in the rain as well as a muddy field.



All bikers who want to remove there OEM Antennas off their bike and Hide it…its here! Just Hide it anywhere, simple hook ups, Peel, and stick, to get your ugly antenna off your bike
For Harley Road Glide, Ultra- Electra Glide, Street Glide & Road Kings.
Now with weather band!



Featured Businesses
AccessPowersports - Free Online Motorcycle Classifieds and More
Attorney 4 Bikers – A Biker Representing Bikers
BikeIlluminators – Motorcycle LED Lighting
Biker Boot Straps - Durable Boot Straps  New 
BikerCrap – Sexy Biker Wear & Accessories
Biker Diva Apparel – Stylish Affordable Clothing For Women Who Ride
Biker Wear House – Biker Clothing & accessories
Brukus Motorcycle Parts – Custom Security, Safety, & Comfort for Motorcycles
Custom Patches – Quality Custom Embroidered Patches
H-D Fairing Antenna - Hidden Fairing Antenna for H-D  New 
Favorite Jewel - Jewelry & Sunglasses for the Rider
H-D Collectibles – Harley Davidson Motorcycle Replicas and More
Hijinx Apparel – Motor Kulture Inspired Apparel
JLH-Oils – Specializing in Amsoil Synthetic Lubricant for Your Motorcycle
Kewl Metal – Custom Motorcycle Accessories
LadyBikerStuff – Quality Womens Motorcycle Gear & Clothing
LED Doctor – LED Lighting for Your Bike
Motorcycle Sunglasses – Great Selection of Motorcycle Eyewear
Old Harry's Leather Goods – Quality Leather at Afffordable Prices
Rainbow Oaks Restaurant – Biker Friendly Restaurant & Bar in So California
Route 22 Cycles – Tri-State Motorcycle Sales & Service Center in Brewster, NY
Save Your Skull – Motorcycle Helmets and Leather Gear
Wrapter - Unique Ponytail / Braid Wraps for Bikers with Long Hair
Remember that these businesses along with those you see advertising with banner ads throughout the site are the ones who support the CycleFish site keeping it free to our users. Please take the time to visit their profiles and their businesses to show your appreciation for their support.
We also have a number of events supporting our site via paid advertisements and featured listings. Be sure to look for them in the calendar with the highlighted listings. If you are the promoter of an event and would like to upgrade to a Featured Listing or add a Banner for your event, contact Lucky
Site Tips
It is now possible to search for a user by username (or any part of their username). Go to Users on the Main Menu and in the search box "Username" enter any part of the username you are looking for.
When replying to a comment someone placed on your profile, be sure to use the "reply" link located just below the comment on the right side. This will put the reply on their profile - not yours - so that they will be notified of the reply comment!
When you receive an email notifying you of a new message on CycleFish, do NOT reply to the email - that comes back to us. You need to log in to your CycleFish account and reply to the message on the site.
If you receive a lot of Private Messages (PMs) on CycleFish, you may want to delete any messages that are not necessary to save. The system will only sore up to 100 messages in your Inbox and 50 messages in your Outbox. Once you have reached the limit the system automatically deletes the oldest message.
We also have a few Video Tutorials for some of the common tasks performed by users on CycleFish.


As always, we want to thank each and every one of you for being a part of the CycleFish community. Remember, this is your website, not ours (we just maintain it for you). Those who are active in the CycleFish community, sharing photos, adding content, and making friends, have already realized the benefits of being a part of a community sharing the same and riding. So if you haven't stopped by in a while, be sure to browse around and see what's new. And don't forget to tell everyone you know about CycleFish, so that our community can continue to grow.
Lucky & Laura
Your CycleFish Ride Leaders
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First of all we want to thank you for creating your Business Profile here on! It's been a while since we have communicated with our CycleFish Business users... that's because we have been so busy promoting and growing the site the site, and creating new ways for you to promote your business on CycleFish. If you are a regular visitor to the CycleFish website you probably have noticed how popular the site is becoming. Last month - April 2011 - was our biggest month ever with over 340,000 visits and 1,700,000 page views. So if you haven't visited in a while, now is the time to check back in and see what's going on!


What's New for CycleFish Business Users...


CycleFish now offers Regional Advertising!!!


We can now target your business advertisements to users in just the state(s) where your customers are located, whether they are a registered CycleFish user, or just visiting our site! We offer affordable packages for every size business, and our team can even create your ad for you.


These ads are a perfect way to reach our targeted audience of Motorcycle Riders in your area!
  • Motorcycle Dealers
  • Independent Shops & Parts Suppliers
  • Biker Friendly Bars & Restaurants
  • MC Friendly Lodging & Camping
  • Rider Training
  • Motorcycle Rentals & Tours
  • Motorcycle Attorneys
  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Tattoo Shops
  • Other Motorcycle Related Businesses!
And right now to get this new program kicked-off, we are offering a 50% discount to the first two business advertisers in each state!


The same advertising placements are also available to national advertisers such as those with online stores.



Again thank you for being a part of the CycleFish community. We will be constantly working on new ways for you to promote your business to our ever growing community or riders!



Lucky & Laura


Your CycleFish Ride Leaders
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