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I went down to the local Harley dealer for the unveiling of the new H-D Street 750 & 500 motorcycles yesterday... well actually they only had the 500 on hand but told the 750 looks eveactly the same.

For those who haven't heard of it, here is what the Harley Davidson website says about it...

Pure, liquid-cooled Harley-Davidson muscle and Dark Custom attitude built to conquer the urban world.

  • All-new Revolution X™ powertrain
  • Narrow and lean chassis built for agility
  • Super low seat height, new suspension and broad handlebar sweep for confidence and maneuverability
  • Cafe' style speed screen, black front fork gaiters, all-black exhaust system and aggressive slash on the tail section
  • Premium Harley-Davidson style and iconic Harley-Davidson sound

The idea behind the new line to attract current non-Harley buyers looking for an affordable bike with a smaller motor... the Honda Shawdow type buyers.. which I think is a great idea.  Unlike some who are already jumping up and down screaming about Harely selling out because they won't make ONLY the bike I want to ride, I think the plan of using an existing infrastructure and dealer network to reach a portion of the market currently going to oither manufactures is a GREAT idea. 

BUT, event though I think the plan of jumping in the small street bike market was a good plan, I am NOT at all impressed with the execution.  I mean the bike looked cool and even felt well balance when I sat on it, however from what I saw the bikes just looked cheaply made.  Now I know Harley wanted to keep them affordable but there is a difference between low cost and cheap.  Just simple things like handle bars that look like they came of a bicycle to exposed connectors and wires make it look cheap!

I am going back to the dealer to test ride on this morning, so I followup and how it rides.


* * UPDATE * * from today's Test Ride

Okay I went back and test rode the 500 today.  Now again I am not comparing this to the existing Harley line because I know it is a completely different beast and wasn't meant to be like the current big Harleys. I will first give you the ONE thing I liked... the bike was light and nimble and you could throw it into corners like you would expect from a 500cc 400 pound bike.  However, at least in my opinion, the bike is full of design/engineering flaws.  It's like they didn't even test ride the prototypes before they went to production with what looked good on paper. 

First thing you will notice right off is the riding position is VERT cramped - and I am an average 5'7" guy.  Then there is the ignition switch that is hidden uder the certer of the handelbars.  You can even really see it while sitting on the bike so you have to insert the key by feel and then if you have anyt other keys on the key chain, they will dag and vibrate on the front part of the tank.  Then there is the hanlebars and controls... very awkward!  The way the brake and clutch are set up you have to kind of reach over the grips and down to get them.  You would think you could just loosen the mount and turn them , but because of the mirror mounts, you can't.  Speaking of the mirrors, you can't see anything but your shoulders.  The bars are narrow like on a lot of smaller bikes, but the mirror posts need to be longer to put the mirrors out further.  The worst design flaw I found was the rear brake.  I thought it was just me but when we got back from the ride all 8 people got off the bikes and the first thing everyone said was "what's up with that useless rear brake.  It is set up level with the foot pag and kind of far forward so there is no way you can prees it until it engages without moving forward in the seat - your ankle don't bend that far.

And finally the power... there is now what so ever.  I know it is only 500cc, but even mid range in second thru forth gear there is no get up.


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Support No Support

National No Bra Day - July 9th, 2013

Boobies are Fantastic… We all think so. And what better way to express the way we feel than to support a full day of boobie freedom??

Women are magnificent creatures, and so are their breasts. Let us spend the day unleashing boobies from their boobie zoos.

Ladies, free your breasts for 24 hours by removing those dreadful (but at times oh-so-helpful) bras. Our perkiness should not be hidden. It is time that the world see what we were blessed with. Your breasts might be colossal, adorable, miniature, full, jiggly, fancy, sensitive, glistening, bouncy, smooth, tender, still blossoming, rosy, plump, fun, silky, Jello-like, fierce, jolly, nice, naughty, cuddly… But the most used word to describe your breasts on July 9th should be FREE!

Gentlemen, you can participate too! Your job will be to support us ladies by rocking something purple. It can be a purple tie, purple boxers, purple socks, the NNBD button or t-shirt.. If it is purple or with the NNBD logo, it supports us. (Your support means quite a lot to us…)

If wearing a bra on this day is absolutely necessary, you can definitly show your support by wearing something purple.

Yay for boobies!

P.S. Ladies…. Wearing a white t-shirt on this day is not only acceptable, but encouraged!

**Breast Cancer is something you should take seriously and be checked for.**



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Continuing hard times at Harley-Davidson came to something of a head Thursday with the announcement that the company was killing its Buell line of sport bikes almost immediately and actively looking for a buyer for its MV Agusta and Cagiva machines.

Harley, which is based in Milwaukee, also disclosed continuing losses at its finance unit and a decline in sales of its heavyweight Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Overall, Harley’s net income for the third quarter plunged by 84 percent from last year, which was also a down year for the company.

The Buell brand, based in East Troy, Wis., will shut down later this month, although Harley will continue to supply replacement parts and honor warranty claims. About 180 workers will lose their jobs. (Buell has provided an online page for customers here.)

Just last month, Buell won the American Motorcyclist Association’s coveted SportBike championship – the first for an American motorcycle maker since 1986. But Harley had struggled to make a sales success of the innovative sport bikes; earlier this summer Harley announced that it would drop plans to build a $10 million Buell factory.

Larry W. Smith for The New York Times An MV Agusta F4 on display at a Harley-Davidson dealership in Topeka, Kan.

The Buell decision is expected to saddle Harley with about $125 million in costs associated with the shutdown. The bottom line in the MV Agusta divestiture will not be known until the brand is sold, but Harley said it had already taken a “goodwill impairment charge” of $18.9 million related to the brand in the third quarter.

Harley raised eyebrows in the industry with its $109 million acquisition just 16 months ago of MV Agusta, a boutique line of very expensive sport bikes manufactured in Italy.

Throughout its operations during the recent economic downturn, Harley had already cut more than 1,000 jobs and trimmed production forecasts by at least 30 percent. The company said it was also considering what to do with its under-utilized assembly plant in York, Pa., and would make announcements about its fate later in the year.

In announcing these changes, Harley said it would refocus its business model solely on its core Harley-Davidson brand.

As bleak as the announcement was for Buell and MV Agusta, Harley said sales of its cruiser motorcycles dropped 21.3 percent worldwide in the third quarter, better than the industry average decline of 35.9 percent.


(reprinted from the New York Times October 15, 2009)



And from the Harley Davidson Website

Details of Buell and MV Agusta Actions
The Company will discontinue production of Buell motorcycles. Remaining inventories of Buell motorcycles, accessories and apparel, while they last, will continue to be sold through authorized dealerships. Warranty coverage will continue as normal for Buell motorcycles and the Company will provide replacement parts and service through dealerships.

The decision will result in a reduction over time of about 80 hourly production positions and about 100 salaried positions at Buell. Employment will end for a majority of Buell employees Dec. 18, 2009.

Harley-Davidson, Inc. expects to incur approximately $125 million in one-time costs related to the discontinuation of the Buell product line. The Company expects to incur approximately $115 million of that amount this year.

Relative to MV Agusta, the Company will immediately commence efforts to sell the business, which is based in Varese, Italy.

In the third quarter, Harley-Davidson, Inc. recorded a one-time fixed-asset impairment charge of $14.2 million related to Buell and a goodwill impairment charge of $18.9 million related to MV Agusta.

“Buell and MV Agusta are great companies, with proud brands, high-quality exciting products and passionate enthusiasm for the motorcycle business. Buell has introduced many innovative advancements in motorcycle design and technology over the years and MV Agusta is known in Europe for its premium, high-performance sport motorcycles. However, our strategy to focus on the Harley-Davidson brand reflects the fact that we believe our investments in that brand are a better utilization of overall company resources,” said Wandell.


Check out the forum post to see what our users are saying

Watch the video statement from Erik Buell


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CycleFish now has a profile and business page on face book. 


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CycleFish is the ultimate resource and network for bikers, motorcyclists, and motorcycle enthusiasts.  While our site is based around a social network for bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts, it is much more than that!  CycleFish is also a valuable resource to anyone with an interest in motorcycles or the biker lifestyle.

CycleFish started in 2004 as a resource for bikers primarily focused on motorcycle events, and biker rally listings and pictures.  CycleFish quickly became one of the most popular motorcycle event calendars on the internet, with over 2,500 motorcycle events listed each year and 1,000s of pictures from motorcycle events and rallies from around the country.

As social networks and interactive website started becoming popular, we decided to take CycleFish in this direction.  After looking at the few biker and motorcycle social networks that were popping up, we wanted to make CycleFish different, and of course better.  The first thing we noticed about most of the other social networks for bikers is that they required every visitor to sign up and be logged in to use any of the site resources, including their motorcycle event calendar.  Although this method would have benefitted us with a large number of registeres users, we realized that the majority of those users would be just signing up to view the content, and not be an active part of our community.  So we decided to blend the popular CycleFish resource content with a social network, allowing anyone to view our resources like the motorcycle event calendar, public forum posts, public rally photos, blogs, and just about everything else.  Users on CycleFish only sign up if they want to add content and participate in our community of bikers and motorcycle entusiasts.  We will also monitor our content to a higher standard than any of the other websites out there making CycleFish a place everyone can feel comfortable.

What you see here on CycleFish today is only the beginning of many more great things to come.  We will be constantly adding new features to our community making it the ultimate meeting place for bikers and motorcyclists, as well as the most complete resource for information for the motorcycle community.

And to answer the question I always get asked..."Where did the name CycleFish com from?".  Well the name actually came from my lack of artistic ability.  I had the idea for the site and wanted to come up with a unique name that people would remember, even if the name didn't make sense.  In the meantime I was working on a logo for the site.  I wanted the logo to be a hand-drawn (kind of characture) motorcycle reflecting the image of an old school chopper I once had with very distinctive upswept fishtail pipes.  While fooling around with the image, someone said to me "that looks more like a fish, than a motorcycle"...hence the name CycleFish was born.


The CycleFish Team

Lucky - CycleFish Founder & Owner

HDBeech - CycleFish Co-Owner

AdventureGirl - CycleFish Site Moderator

DebraJo62 - CycleFish Site Moderator

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