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Riding, Building Stuff Around the House, WORKIN' ON CYCLEFISH!
Old Time Rock n Roll !!!
I began riding motorcycles as a young lad back in the mid-seventies - not counting the mini-bike I used to ride growing up in New Jersey. Since I couldn't afford much else for transportation, my love of riding began early out of necessity. I have ridden virtually every kind of bike including dirt bikes, sport bikes, and my current love, a Harley Davidson Road King.

I spend most weekends and any other free time on the Road King, typically with my wife and best friend Laura (known here by username HDBeech). Since we live in Southern California we are lucky enough to have a 12-month riding season...and we use every bit of it. Our favorite hang out when we ride is Cook's Corner, a local biker friendly bar & grill.

When I am not riding or working, I am spending time with my growing family. Laura and I have 4 kids between us...I have a daughter, 33, and a son, 31, Laura has a son, 23, and together we have a 17 year old son. Plus three grandchildren, two granddaughters one 6 years old and one 1 year old old and a grandson who is 3. My oldest son rides dirt bikes (gonna get him on a Harley one day), and my youngest just got his license and wants a Sportster. The other two kids don't want anything to do with motorcycles.

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Welcome. My wife and I love to spend weekends down at the Gas Lamp district. We'll stop in and say hi next time we are down there!!!
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Lucky replied to topic What Are You Doing For Halloween
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Lucky posted a comment on the event North Florida Confederation of Clubs Save The Patch Rally & Meeting:
Hope your event goes well. If I wasn't 3,000 miles away I would definitely be there to support North Florida COC ! Keep on supporting the biker lifestyle and our right to ride free!!!!!
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No costume needed
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