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Leather Legs
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George Lassiter
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700 East 1st Street, Unit 723
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(800) 889-4333
Business Description
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The Ideal Alternative To Hot Bulky Chaps!
About Our Business:
Leather Legs™

Originally designed in 1988, to increase comfort on a motorcycle, Leather Legs™* has proven to be an all weather, all temperature, ideal alternative to hot and bulky chaps! With a tapered fit and unique design, Leather Legs™ are made one at a time, in the U.S.A. from hand-selected, domestic leather and feature tough stitching and a strong, smooth operating zipper's in the back. Since leather breathes well, Leather Legs™ are unlined to insure maximum comfort. Just zip 'em on and go. As they break in, they settle down over the top of your boots and are frequently mistaken for extra tall boots. The difference being, you have leather protection over the knee, and when you arrive at your favorite restaurant and zip off your Leather
Legs™, you're not walking around in your socks.

On any style motorcycle, the problems of cold wind, wet road spray, engine and road heat, kama kazi bugs, flappin' pant legs, and hot exhaust are solved in an easy to stow, fashionable, and economical way. Whether you call them half chaps, gaiters, mini chaps, leggins, biker half chaps or short chaps, the original Leather Legs get the job done!

Don't be fooled by cheap imitations.

Insist on the original Leather Legs™.

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