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There is no easy way to get to Kernville!  But if you do make it, it’s worth it!  Lucky and I went to the California Abate Rally this past weekend in Kernville at Frandy Campground.

On the Road with Russ & CindyWe left around 7:30 am and met up with our good friends Russ & Cindy (BikerCrap) in Norco.  From there, we went to Cajon and met up with another couple, Kevin and Bea.  We had more Abate riders coming, so we all waited at McDonald’s…in the heat!  Big Art, Jerry, Ida, and a couple others pull up and our group is ready to hit it.  We do the scenic route through Wrightwood, but hit a rough patch in downtown Lancaster and Palmdale!  Too many lights and it was about 100 degrees.  The later half of the group decided stop and eat, but us early birds wanted to get to our destination. 

Went through Caliente and some really nice twisties and scenery.  Of course, my favorite scenery are the cows.  They are always so relaxed and laid back.  At Lake Isabella we make a wrong turn…thanks Kevin!  And by this time the heat has gotten to us and I haven’t eaten.  He figures it out soon enough and we turn around back towards the easier side of the lake to get to Kernville.  10 more miles!  Not soon enough.  Deb (Debrajo62) and Richard are already there with a great campsite on the Kern River! Thank you!  We set up camp, put up the Cyclefish Banner and quickly take off to the store for important stuff.  BEER AND ICE! Oh, and some food to cook, too.

Our good friend we met in Hollister, Doc, shows up at dinnertime hollering, “where the hell am I?” He had come down the 155 from Manteca and those are some twisties. Now our group is complete and it’s time to party.  I will admit, I don’t remember much, but when I saw the pictures the next day…wow!  I must have had a great time! Patricia (bikermilf) and her husband Mark came by our campsite that night with an entire entourage!  They were making the rounds meeting everyone on what they named their Naked Walk-About.

JohnsondaleThe next morning five of us (Deb, Richard, Doc, Lucky and me) decided to ride up Sierra Way, a nice mountain road along the Kern River.  The rest of the gang headed south to find the campground on the Kern River that Russ used to go to as a kid with his parents. The day is gorgeous for a ride with the sun shining not too hot and a cool breeze.  We ride up to Johnsondale.  Ever been to Johnsondale? I believe the sign for the city is just basically a landmark to let riders know they are going the right way to someplace.  Johnsondale, population: 1 ½.

On our way back, we stopped at the Kern River Saloon for some beers.  The Kern River Saloon is a cool little biker bar right in the heart of Kernville.  Jana was a great bartender!  Her and Doc need to start their own stand up comic routine!

The Gang at the Kern River SaloonJust wanted to say that the service was great and we had a good time there.  If you’re ever in the neighborhood of Kernville, stop in at the Kern River Saloon.

One more trip back to the local grocery store for some food on the way back to our temporary home at good old Frandy Campground.  Back at the campsite, we BBQ'd some Rib Eye steaks and chowed down.  Deb and I took off our clothes (got your attention didn't I), and slipped into our bathing suits for some swimming in the Kern River.  Well, how about just drinking our beers and laying in the river just chillin’.  Deb and I were arranging river rocks into armchairs, while others were smarter and actually BROUGHT chairs into the River!

We checked out the Weenie Bite contest and Bea won a trophy, as usual!  We are so proud of her! Later on the band comes on and not using river rocks, but actual chairs, we watched the concert and danced a bit.

Dee with the Winning Weenie BiteThe next morning we rose at the crack of dawn or 8:00, to Deb making a great breakfast for all of us.  After we ate, we all began to tear down the tents and throw away the broken chairs, and punctured air mattresses (there are always some casualties at a biker rally). Once we were all packed, it was time for good-byes.  I always hate saying good-bye to our great rally friends, because I know it is going to be a while before we see them again.  We went across the street to meet up with Russ & Cindy and Kevin & Bea, who decided on a Mexican breakfast before leaving town.  We hit the road for home, this time taking the straightest route.

Lucky and I had never been to the California Abate Rally.  We really enjoyed ourselves and will more than likely make this an annual event on our calendar.

A sad note, in closing, the President of Abate in Bakersfield and his wife (Jim and Debbie Harmon) were killed Saturday morning when a car hit them head on.  Our thoughts and prayers are with their family.  Full Story on Jim & Debbie

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Lucky and I rode to the start of a Poker Run by the Iron Workers and had a great breakfast at the restaurant The Starting Gate.  The place IS across the street from the Los Alamitos Race Track.  After breakfast, we rode the bike to Venice Beach for National Go Topless Day (August 23, 2009) to protest the law that bans women from going topless at the beach.

We were lucky to have a motorcycle or we would not have found any parking!  We parked by some apartments along the canal in shade and I changed my clothes from jeans and boots to shorts and flip flops.  Can't be going to the beach dressed in leather!  Well, maybe.  It is Venice Beach, after all.  No one at Venice Beach is normal looking! 

Venice Beach - National Go Topless DayThe weather was awesome!  80 degrees with a slight breeze.  We followed the signs along the Boardwalk to where the protest parade for National Go Topless Day would begin.  We found a little crowd handing out flyers.  I was a little nervous at first because it wasn't a Biker Rally, it was a public beach I would be doing this at.

The woman running the show had a bull horn and called all the girls over to her to get their "nipple" pasties.  As all of us girls were putting on our pasties, we became instant celebrities with all these cameras going off taking pictures!  Men!  This is why women want to be topless at the beach.  Then it would not be such a camera frenzy.  It would be normal to see a woman's breast.  Right???alt

About 50 topless girls proudly displaying their breasts gathered together at the beginning of the Boardwalk and held up signs to protest the law banning women from going topless at the beach.  My sign said "War is Indecent, not Women's Breasts!"  I like that.  The men that wanted to protest with us and be in the parade had to wear a bikini top.  Lucky wore a Cyclefish tank top for girls and rolled it up!  Looking hot, lucky!

National Go-Topless Day - Venice Beach, CAWe started to slowly march towards Muscle Beach chanting "Free your Breasts!  Free your Mind!"  Using a bull horn and a microphone, the women marched and stopped intermittently to speak to the crowd about how unfair it is that women are not allowed to be topless at the beach.  They complained that we could get away with wearing a pastie over our nipples and it is legal.  But if we took them off, we would get a ticket.  Does that make sense?  NO! A woman could not even breastfeed her child in public without hiding and throwing a blanket over her breast.  In Europe, women are topless at the beach all the time.  This is a NORMAL practice.  Truly, a woman's breast is natural and beautiful, yet we make it a sexual thing and nasty.  That's just wrong.

I have never protested anything before, so it was a fun experience for me!  And we did pass several police officers and all they did was smile because we had our pasties on!  We were within the law!

So girls, I say to you:  Free Your Breast!  Free Your Mind!"

For more information on supporting a woman's right to Go Topless, visit

We hope to see a lot more of you at the 2010 National Go-Topless Day in your area!

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For the first time, I did not have to get up at 4:00 am to leave for a Rally.  I worked until 11:00 am, came home and Lucky and I were on our way to Hollister.  It's only about 350 miles from our house and we figured about 5 to 6 hours.  Wrong.

CycleFish Camp at Bolado ParkI assumed (and you know what happens when you "assume") that Lucky would take the 5 Freeway to the 198 to the 25 and we would be fine.  We left the house with the weather being 90 degrees.  He decides it's too hot for the 5 Freeway and takes the Coast.  If you live in California, you know the weather can be 100 degrees inland and then drop to 60 degrees when you get to the Coast.  I was not a happy camper and we weren't even camping yet!  I froze.  It is beautiful scenery through Pismo Beach and those hills, but I was dressed for HOT weather not 60 degrees!

We roll into the campsite at Bolado Park at 8:00 pm.  3 hours later than we had planned.  As we are setting up our tent, I'm shivering to death.  All done setting up our campsite and putting up the Cyclefish Banner and I'm ready to go to sleep and warm up.  That night was so quiet, I felt like we were in a family campground not at the Hollister Bike Rally!  Maybe we were....there was a 16 day old baby in a campsite next to us and someone else brought their Chihuahua.

The next morning, Friday the 3rd of July, we are ready to party and have some fun!  We meet Doc our new good friend from Florida (but lives in Manteca, CA).  Now remember, Florida IS a Southern State and boy did Doc have that Y’all accent going on! We’all decided to check out the vendors and get our drink on.  Doc with his many Bud Lights, Lucky with his Jim Beam mixed into a Coke bottle and me with my Bacardi Limon and Diet 7-Up.  Look, I’m a girl, I can get away with the foo foo drink!

Laura & DocNot too many people showed up on Friday and all of us were a little down in the dumps thinking maybe we should have stayed home for fireworks instead of coming to Hollister.  But by the time the sun set, all three of us were good and buzzed and decided to make our own party at the campsite.  Before we did that though, Lucky and Doc wanted some of those banners on the fence that said “Welcome Bikers” and “Bud Light”!  I had to pee so bad and these guys are taking out their knives (all bikers have some kind of knife in their boots) and tearing down these signs!  Doc is stuffing his real quick into his bike. Not Lucky.  He has to be all neat about it and he’s folding it up and I’m jumping up and down almost peeing my pants and Doc’s laughing!  We left just in time before someone saw us, but poor Doc either cut the one corner too sharp or stopped his bike with the handle bars turned…he dropped it.  It’s dark and all I can see are sideway headlights and he’s revving up that bike, trying to get it back up.  It was seriously funny.  I’m surprised my bladder didn’t let loose then!  Lucky went over and helped him and we finished partying at our tent. Some folks that had gone to Redwood were camped next to us and saw our banner and the girls showed us their tan lines with the Cyclefish logo on them!

The next morning, Doc bought us breakfast at the Cantina in Tres Pinos and really liked the waitress.  He looked at her and told us, in his Southern Drawl “I’d spank her bottom till it was red as a baboon’s ass!”  He is a trip!  At breakfast we’re thinking of packing up and going home early.  Of course, alcohol had another plan for us.

Laura Getting Her Boobies PaintedWe got back to the Hollister Rally campsite (Bolado Park) and the crowd finally showed up...there were bikers everywhere!  Woo Hoo!  We went back to the vendors and that’s where we met Erik (known here on CycleFish as AirbrushbyMasterErik).  He reminded me of the actor Michael Clarke Duncan in The Green Mile. Erik airbrushed a really cool CycleFish t-shirt for Lucky. Next it was my turn. Lucky asked him to paint me and make sure Cyclefish was on there.  I could not believe how many pictures were taken of me!  A little embarrassing when people came to the Rally and had brought their kids! Madmex and BikerDooRags were hanging out at the booth for security purposes.  Not!

Next up was DebraJo62, who we met in Redwood and then hooked up with in Hollister through Cyclefish! She, too, had the Cyclefish logo tan lines!  Her body paint was Old Glory!  What a way to celebrate the Fourth of July!Before you knew it  Erik had a line of girls all waiting to get their boobs painted by him.  I think he was happy with what I had started.

Erin & Gregs HouseThe next morning was goodbye time.  Traded numbers with Doc and started home.  But first:  we stopped at Sawdoff’s (Erin & Gregg) house for some breakfast and relaxation!  We have seen Erin & Gregg every year at Redwood, but thanks to the new CycleFish we now stay in touch and have gotten to know them much better.  That was so nice of them to welcome us to their beautiful home in Paso Robles, Wine Country.  Their pool is to die for!  Gregg is the pool expert and owns Coastline Pool Service. 

After more good-bye’s and thank you’s, we really were on our way home.  Took the 46, also called Blood Alley where James Dean was killed.  Got to our freeway and then a dead stop.  Forgot it was the day after the Independance Day!  So we left Hollister at 8 am, rested a few hours at Sawdoff’s place, and ended up getting home at 8pm!  This ride kicked my butt…..still had a great time.


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The Redwood Run Motorcycle Rally & Biker Party in Piercy, CA is my FAV Rally.  It does wear on my butt for the long trip, approximately 650 miles, but definitely worth it.  This year was no exception.

Out of the house and on the bike at 4:30 am Thursday morning, June 11, 2009.  Met up with Russ and Cindy (aka: BikerCrap) in San Dimas and we are on our way.  The weatherman insisted that the entire rally weekend would have showers in Piercy, CA., where the Run is held.  So we brought rain gear and prayed that it would not rain!  Our prayers were answered!  The Redwood Run had gorgeous weather and my peeling nose is proof.

Lucky did forget his CycleFish sign!  How were we supposed to meet all our CycleFish friends?  But the things you can do with an iPhone!  He found a wonderful sign place in Woodland, CA called Signs By Heck and they had it ready for us within hours.  If EVER you need a sign or banner or anything like that, contact these people.  They were great.

Waiting for the Redwood  Run gates to openRiding up there, the only cold we hit was near Gorman and Lake Castaic.  I wish Lucky did not get that thermometer put on his bike because I'm always checking it....55 degrees and damp.  After that, it never went below 70 degrees until we got to Willits.  Usually we will get to our hotel in Willits, shower, and go the local pizza joint for beer and grub.  But since The Redwood Rally is getting so popular and we wanted our special camp site, we bought salami, cheese and beer at the grocery store and took it back to the room.  Snacked, drank, and went to bed even before the Lakers beat The Magic!  I know.........boorrrrring!

Up again at 4:00 am and on the road to Piercy, 52 miles or so away.  FOG!  We always hit damp and cold morning weather from Willits to Piercy, but never this much fog.  I was a little concerned about Lucky hitting a deer.  But we made it and got a good spot in line.  Now the cold part of waiting around until they open the gate and then it is a "free for all" to get a camping spot!  It's like musical chairs only with motorcycles!

The CycleFish banner is up!We did get our spot and hung up our "" sign in front of our tent.  Before we even finished unpacking, Raywood (Ray) comes looking for Lucky.  We met Raywood on Cyclefish.  A few hours after that, HighRisk (Jeff)  and his wife Deener1183 (Denise) show up, too!  Also, Cyclefish friends.  08StreetGlide (Tony) and his wife Danielle come over and so did bigbear (Kim) and his son.  It was totally cool to meet all these CycleFish users in person!  Boy did we all party!  Raywood's wife could not make it, unfortunately, but I look forward to meeting her sometime soon in a future rally! 

The next day on stage is the moment we are all waiting for....The Wet T-Shirt Contest!  alt   So us girls were watching it cause Burly Man (burlyman1055, another CycleFish person!)  was the DJ/Announcer and he was going to give away our CycleFish tank tops to the girls!  Burly Man was wonderful!  He did a great job talking about CycleFish and BikerCrap.  Oh, and the girls were pretty good, too!  Maybe one of the guys that went to Redwood would like to blog in more detail about the Wet T-Shirt Contest!

Putting the CycleFish tattoos on every boob I couldAfter the contest comes the CycleFish Corner Street Party.  We all line up our chairs on the road and drink, drink, drink and hold up our "Flash" signs to the girls that go by.  I was an instigator and that's all I'll say....but most of the guys appreciated that I was putting CycleFish Redwood Rally temporary tattoos on the ladies' boobs.  I had to hold them in place with a wet sponge.  You get the picture.  alt  I even got a few girls to take their top off and put on a CycleFish tank top.  Wish you were there.................

Saying goodbye was not fun.  Sunday morning everyone is packing their tents and heading to their homes.  This was one of the best times I've ever had at The Redwood Run.  I am so glad to have met these wonderful people this past weekend!  I know we will all get together again in Redwood next year, but I'm hoping we can hook up sooner.

Last ones out after saying our goodbyes!


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 Last ones out after all the Good Byes

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Lucky and I decided to go to Laughlin this year for the River Run Rally, but we planned to get there a few days before the Rally started.  I hate being on the freeway with the Bike, so we decided to go the desert way.  I didn't count on a heatwave in April!  It was 100 to 110 degrees all the way to Laughlin!  alt

We arrived in Laughlin on Tuesday evening and the weather was awesome for a Bike ride.  Beautiful.  We were tired, but as soon as you walk into one of those casinos, wow!  You wake up right away and want to start gambling and drinking, which we did for the rest of the night.

The next day, Laughlin was infested with grasshoppers!  Yes, grasshoppers.  They were EVERYWHERE.  There was no way we could ride the Bike.  So we checked out vendors instead.  It wasn't that hot and since there were only a handful of bikers there, it was nice to wander through and shop with no crowds.  Of course Lucky spoils me and when I want to buy something, I usually get it!  After shopping, gambling, eating, and drinking most of the day, we settled down and watched a few Blues Bands play in the parking lot of the Colorado Belle, which is where we stayed.  (Also, getting to Laughlin early, we only paid $35 a night for a room, plus grasshoppers!)

By Thursday, the grasshoppers were all gone and a lot of bikers were coming in.  It was time for us to check out, but we weren't ready to leave yet.  We packed up the Bike and headed out to the Arizona side of the River and rode to Oatman.  Now if you've never been to Oatman, you are definitely missing out!  It is a cute little western town about 14 miles East of the River on Route 66.  100 years ago it was a mining town.  Wild Burros (donkeys) freely roam the town and can be hand-fed carrots and "burro chow," both readily available in practically every store in town. 

After Oatman, we rode back down Route 66 and then turned South towards Needles, CA.  We stopped at a little bar in a really small town called Golden Springs.  Everyone knew everyone at that bar.  The bartender looked like someone's Mom!  The best part...they have Jello Shots for only $1.00!  My kind of place!

Sadly, it was time to head home.  We rode over the Colorado River and into California towards the West.  I watched as more and more bikers were on the other side of the freeway going to Laughlin.  We left the 100 degree desert and within 3 hours, we had to pull over and get our leathers on!  It was 60 degrees in Barstow, CA!  I am so glad I took my chaps and leather jacket.  I don't mind riding on the Bike in the heat, but screw the cold.  I HATE being cold on the Bike.

I have to say, it was a wonderful trip and Lucky and I had a great time.  We hope next year that some friends (BikerCrap and luckytoo) can ride with us and share grasshoppers. 

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We finally had a weekend with no rain and no family commitments, so it was time to go for a ride. Lucky cleaned the RoadKing while I got ready and we were on the road by 9am. We headed south and then up over the Ortega Highway into Lake Elsinore to meet up with our good friends Russ & Cindy. We met Russ and Cindy right here on CycleFish (the old version) a few years back when we posted on the forum for someone to ride to the Redwood Run with. We have been friends ever since and have attended the Redwood Run every year with them. Russ owns the website which sells biker apparel (specializing in sexy tops for the ladies) and other biker accessories (little plug for Russ's site).

After some Bloody Mary's and beers, it was time to hit the road in search for the next bar. We headed south into the De Luz area, a beautiful area of avocado ranches and great twisty, hilly roads. Of course we had no plan or map, so after a few u-turns we wound up in Temecula. We were all set for Mexican food at Rose's Cantina when a girl on the corner with a sign directed us to a new spot that served sandwiches, salads and beers. The place had just opened and they were still building the club room for events and the horseshoe pits and outdoor stage in the back. Looks like it is going to be a fun spot when its all finished...I just wih I could remember the name. I will try to get it and let you know what it is.

We finished lunch and headed to our son's house to see our granddaughter (we wanted to show her off to Russ & Cindy). But when we got there, our son was out getting his truck repaired and the baby was sleeping. We visited with our daughter in-law for a few minutes before getting back on the road. Next stop was a little bar & grill in Rainbow called the Rainbow Inn. Too bad when we got there it was closed for re-modeling. We headed south again and over Old Mission Rd through the little town of Fallbrook and into ***sall. ***sall is a great little town because you can see the entire town if you stand in the center of the only intersection. We stopped at a little bar called Ringers that had 3 or 4 bikes out front and a group of regulars sitting on the front patio having a beer. We went in had a beer and decided to move on to the next place.

Heading back toward the beach to our next stop was a bar called One More That's It in Oceanside. We were hungry and this place had a grill, but just our luck the grill was closed that day because of the light crowd. It looked like it could be a fun spot when the crowd is bigger, so we will have to go back there again. We quickly finished our drinks and headed out to get some food.

We headed north on the freeway (hubby hates freeway riding) to get back toward our neck of the woods. Our big plans for food wound up being Del Taco to go. We took our Del Taco gourmet food and headed over to Mugs Away in Laguna Niguel. If you have never heard of Mugs Away, they are famous for their Annual Mooning of the Amtrak. Once a year, thousands (this past year over 10,000) people get together and moon the Amtrak trains as they pass on the adjacent railroad tracks. (if you want to check it out, you need to visit our site When the mooning is not going on, this is still a great little place usually occupied by five to ten locals during the day and a good crowd at night to see the band. We had one last drink and then called it a day. We said our good-byes to Russ and Cindy in the parking lot before riding off in our own directions.

What a geat day of riding and visiting with friends we don't get to see as often as we would like.

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