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U.S. Marine - Guardian Ride Bell
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United States Marine Ride Bell

* Made from 100% Pewter
* Made in the USA
* Original Guardian® Brand Biker Bell
* Each Biker Bell comes with a small velvet bag

You may also be interested in the Guardian Biker Bell Hanger for a secure way to hang your bell on your bike.

Bells can be sent to another user here on CycleFish as a gift. To send a bell to another CycleFish user, complete the order as normal, then simply send a message to username CycleFish, and let us know the name of the user you wish to send the bell to. We will contact them regarding shipping information.

Sometimes called by different names Biker Bells, Ride Bells, Guardian Bells, Gremlin Bells, and others, the legend of the Bell attached to your motorcycle remains the same. Though there are slight variations out there, this one seems to be the most common... Read the Legend of the Biker Bell

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