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Fender/Seat Security Screw, Chrome Cap, Bit, Tool
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As suggested by a happy SaddlebagSecure™ customer, BRUKUS® MOTORCYCLE PARTS has designed a specially made - custom stainless steel Security Screw to secure your SEAT, PILLION or LUGGAGE RACK to your HARLEY-DAVIDSON MOTORCYCLE.

By design, the Tamper-Resistant, Polished, Stainless Steel Screw uses the SAME Security Tool as our SaddlebagSecure™ and this package comes with that tool and a Security Bit. The Harley Fender Security Screw comes with 2 different washers for the perfect fit to attach your seat or luggage rack to your back fender. And to finish off the look on your bike - this kit comes with a plastic Chromed Cap!

This listing has a Security Bit available for those of you who have trouble getting to your Fender Screw!

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